How to Get Your Vintage Cars and Motorcycles Ready for Shipping

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There is no difference in the procedure to follow in order to make your classic car ready for transport, regardless of whether you are moving it within the United States or outside of the country. Before you can ship your antique automobile either locally or internationally, you need to meticulously prepare it for the voyage on a transporter and inside a nationwide vehicle transportation container. This preparation must be done.

Both sorts of shipments need to have this preparation completed beforehand. To ensure that your vehicle is prepared for shipping, please follow our instructions. You are able to avoid problems such as damage to the vehicle while it is being transported via land or water, delays in the process of shipment, and the loss of vital papers.

Who Will Be Responsible for Moving Your Classic Automobile?

When it comes to the delivery of your treasured classic car, you wouldn’t place your faith in just any old shipping company, would you? Hence, the first thing you should do in order to have a happy and problem-free experience during the transportation of your automobile is to perform research on the auto transport industry.

To get started, head over to Google and look for customer reviews that are related to the company. After that, browse various internet resources, such as Yelp and Facebook, as well as online discussion boards.

The vast majority of shipping companies transport autos through partner carriers who are local to your area and have been screened successfully. These carriers work closely with the shipping company to collect the automobiles that have been ordered by their customers and then deliver them to the appropriate locations.

They have previous expertise moving classic autos and are well-versed in the intricacies of carefully managing historical vehicles to avoid causing any harm. Other shipping companies simply delegate the responsibility of locating a carrier to brokers, who look for the transport solution that offers the lowest overall cost and is available in the area.

It’s possible that you already know this, but the auto transport firms who charge the least amount of money might not be the best option for transferring your treasured vintage car.

Transporters that regularly transport salvage autos from auctions are typically the ones that brokers contract with. Transporters who have limited experience working with antique automobiles are, on the other hand, less likely to be recruited by brokers.

Covering for Insurance of Historic Cars When They Are Being Transported

There is a possibility that the maximum coverage offered by most car carriers has already been exceeded for antique automobiles with values that are larger than one hundred thousand United States dollars. Because of this, the alternative that will result in the least amount of risk will be to make use of the services of a carrier that specialises in the transportation of antique autos.

In the United States, transport businesses that specialise in vintage automobiles will almost probably carry insurance coverage in the range of half a million dollars to more than five million dollars.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that their liability limit takes into account not only your vehicle but also any other vehicles that may be on their trailer.

Get in touch with your shipper and ask them how much of a guarantee they can give you regarding the coverage of your package. In the event that the value of your vehicle exceeds the coverage they offer, you should inquire as to whether or not they are able to secure specialised insurance in order to transport your vintage automotive.

The Logistics Behind Getting Your Vintage Car There and Back Again

There are a few different transport options available for your historic autos. Investigate each of the available choices.

Open carriers

The majority of new and used autos are transported by open carriers, who are companies. The name of this vehicle class gives the impression that these transporters pull an open trailer and have the capacity to carry anywhere from one to six automobiles.

This mode of transportation has the fewest expenses involved altogether. If you transport your vehicle in an open trailer, however, it will sadly be more subject to damage from the elements, rock chips, and dirt.

Even while it might not be a problem for brand-new automobiles since the plastic covering them is still on, and even though it might not be a problem for older automobiles because they have already been exposed to the elements, it might be a problem for a vintage automotive.

Transporter with a roof.

When shipping antique automobiles, using enclosed transport is strongly encouraged due to the increased level of safety it provides. An covered trailer serves as a secure haven for your greatest property, a vintage automobile. This location shields the vehicle from exposure to the elements.

In addition to this, it keeps the newly painted surface from being subjected to the deteriorating effects of the sun as well as pebbles.

Because there are fewer enclosed carriers available and because they normally transport the most valuable automobiles, the cost of shipping an automobile in an enclosed carrier will invariably be higher than the cost of shipping an automobile in an open carrier.

This method, on the other hand, is frequently utilised by collectors, auction houses, and concourses for the transportation of vintage autos.

When the usage of a winch is appropriate

The vehicle will not be attempted to be started by the carrier if there are any issues with the mechanical components of the automobile. He will instead make use of a winch, which he will hook into the chassis of the automobile in order to raise it onto the trailer.

You should still get in touch with the shipping firm in advance and let them know that your vehicle will require a winch, even though every antique car carrier often includes a winch. Even so, you should let them know that your vehicle will require a winch.

After delivering your vehicle to its final destination, the transporter will once again utilise the winch to gradually slide it off the trailer.

If an antique car transporter insists on using a forklift to load and unload the vehicle, you can be sure that they are not an experienced company to handle the transfer of antique vehicles.

Forklifts have the potential to inflict damage to the fragile undercarriage of antique automobiles, which makes it nearly impossible to transfer a historic vehicle with one of these devices in most situations.

When the deployment of a forklift is warranted

There are, however, a few circumstances in which the use of a forklift might be beneficial.

If the shipping company places wooden blocks or a pallet below the vehicle to function as a bracing against the metal prongs of the forklift, you will be able to move the historic automobile without inflicting any damage to it.

The handling of certain “project cars” and other severely rusted autos in this manner is done so with the intention of preventing further degradation of the vehicles while they are in transit.

Another option that can be used to transport classic autos is to make use of a forklift that has been fitted with an attachment designed to lift wheels. With the help of this attachment, the shipping company will be able to move your vehicle by simply elevating the front or rear tyres and driving forward while the transmission is in the neutral position.

The Condition of the Gas Tank in Your Vintage Motor Vehicle

It is not required to empty the petrol tank in order to keep the state of your vintage automobile in pristine condition.

The majority of car shipping firms will require you to partially empty your gas tank before they would transport your vehicle. For reasons of safety, you should only fill the petrol tank of your historic car up to a quarter or a half full. It will reduce the overall weight of your antique car and protect it from catching fire in the event that an accident occurs while it is being transported.

In addition, the shipping company that is responsible for transporting your vehicle might, at your request, drain the fuel tank at the facility where they are shipping your vehicle.

Maintaining accurate records is of utmost importance.

Always make sure to retain records on the condition of your automobile both before and after it is shipped.

Even though the transporter will provide a full condition report when picking up and delivering your automobile, it is still beneficial to have additional documentation if a vehicle has blemishes or damage. For example, if a vehicle has been scratched, it is important to have photographs of the scratch.

It is imperative that the owner of the classic automobile take notice of the condition of their vehicle before the carrier places the classic automobile into their trailer.

In addition, we cannot stress enough how important it is for you to document everything by taking pictures. If your antique car is damaged in an accident or stolen, having photographic evidence of its condition will increase your ability to make a claim. You will have a far better chance of avoiding conflict if you proceed in this manner.


Putting in the necessary effort is the most effective way to get your historic cars ready for vehicle transportation . When you export your vehicle, make sure it is clean, that it has been inspected, and that it has been protected.

Choose a transportation provider that you can rely on, and then take the necessary precautions to protect your automobile or truck while it is in transit. You may have faith that your priceless historic car will arrive safely at its destination in pristine shape if you take the appropriate precautions to prepare it and secure it along the way.

At Shypn Car Transport, we make it a priority to remain informed about the most recent trends and technological advancements in the freight industry. Please get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions concerning the shipping services we offer.

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