Dabur Vedic Suraksha Green Tea – 100 tea bags : Immunity Booster with the Goodness of 5 Ayurvedic Herbs

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Green tea is produced from tea leaves of camellia sinensis plant by harvesting the leaves followed by quickly heating and drying to prevent too much oxidation from occurring. DABUR Vedic suraksha green tea comes with the goodness of 5 ayurvedic herbs namely tulsi, kali Mirch, daalchini, shunthi, kishmish. The five ayurvedic herbs come together to help boost immunity. The tea contains 71% herbs which enhance the taste and experience of each cup. Each pack contains 25 tea bags. Green tea helps improve: body metabolism aids in weight loss has zero calories helps in detoxification it is very easy to prepare. Just place the tea bag in a tea cup, pour boiling water and let it brew for 2 minutes. Remove the tea bag and enjoy the refreshing taste of DABUR Vedic suraksha tea. Have a cup of DABUR Vedic suraksha tea daily by replacing your regular cup of tea. Have it any time of the day- morning, evening or at night to refresh and revitalise yourself.
tulsi – helps relieve stress antioxidant action
kali mirch acts as a immune modulator and helps relieve congestion
daalchini is good for metabolism and digestive health
kishmish is good for heart health and helps relieve fatigue

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