10 surprising facts about weed that’ll blow your mind!

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With millions around the world consuming weed on a daily basis, the demand for this magical plant is on a constant rise, and there’s virtually no looking back. As legalization is being undertaken at a rapid rate, you can now buy weed online in the UK, and several other countries around the world are rolling out similarly attractive propositions as well.

While we have been getting high on this amazing plant for quite some time now, there are quite some facts about these that we aren’t aware of, but believe us when we say this, they are every bit just as interesting, and after learning about these facts, you’d really want to buy cannabis online in the UK.

Now, we would like to point out that these facts have been gathered from trusted sources, but not from a single point, so if you want to learn more about them before you buy weed in the UK, you can search for those separately as well. So, let’s start.

  • It is common knowledge that agriculture was the first industry that mankind practiced, and while technological revolutions were still someway away, cultivation enabled early humans to form civilizations, but records show a pretty interesting phenomenon, and it is the fact that, arguably, cannabis was the first crop that was cultivated by humans, as if they have been traced back 12,000 years, putting them in the right spot to potentially be classified as the first crop. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that if you buy cannabis online in UK, you’d actually be carrying forward a historical practice.
  • The world is online nowadays, and there is a huge volume of trade and commerce that takes place online, but this was not the case even a few decades back, but you’d be surprised to know that the first commodity to be ever sold online was a weed! It is known that in the 1970s, a group of Stanford students scored a stash of weed from MIT students online, and while this was quite different from what you would do when you go to buy cannabis online in the UK, it was quite interesting for the time.
  • Tired of your grandparents telling you how everything was stronger and better back then? Well, you can effectively counter that logic and arguments with weed. You see, modern weed has been modified and processed to boost its THC content, thereby enabling them to deliver a high like never before, and with each passing generation, it is certain that it would just keep getting stronger and stronger.
  • If you are a weed fan, you’d be aware that this is a plant that has the highest number of nicknames, and depending on whom you ask, you can expect to come across a new name each time around. Some of the most common names out there are hash, ganja, cannabis, pot, grass, etc. So don’t get confused the next time you hear a new one.
  • William Shakespeare needs no introduction, and his contribution to the English language is significant. But do you know that Shakespeare is rumored to have smoked weed as well? Yes, upon his death, several portions and packs of cannabis were discovered at his place, and this strongly hints at the fact that he consumed this magical plant.
  • The association between Bob Marley and cannabis is a known factor, but do you know that he was buried with a bud of cannabis as well? During his burial, a guitar, a bible, and a bud of weed were placed in his coffin, and this fact has become a stuff of legends as well.
  • Contrary to popular belief, cannabis can have a relaxing, as well as an invigorating effect. Yes, you can buy weed in different types and configurations in the UK, and if you happen to consume Sativa, you’d be experiencing an invigorating and exciting high, while the effects are quite opposite when it comes to Indica, which is known to slow things down significantly.
  • The first state in the USA to ban cannabis was California, and this is a restriction that came into place over a hundred years ago, and this is quite surprising as the city of Los Angeles is touted to have the highest number of legal weed dispensers in the country. So, it can be safely said that the ban just increased their demand, and the results are quite visible now.
  • If you have a basic idea of how beer is manufactured, you’d be aware of the fact that hops form the basis of this drink, and you’d be surprised to learn that hops and weed belong to the same family of plants, and thus if you see them side-by-side, you’d realise that they are quite similar in the way they appear.
  • Weed can be consumed raw as well! Yes, it is true. Besides cakes and oils, raw cannabis can be directly consumed without smoking it up, but the difference lies in the fact that it won’t get you high, but you’d be benefitting from the medicinal qualities that this plant has to offer.

The aforementioned are just some of the many interesting facts about weed that we consume on a daily basis. Since constant research is being carried out, it can be safely said that we would come to learn more about these mystical plants.

Final take:

Thanks to widespread legalization, you can buy cannabis online in UK, and there are several interesting facts about this magical plant that we are learning on a daily basis. If you want to consume weed as well, you should know the proper method in which it can be consumed, and the high that it would deliver would be out of this world.


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