8 Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles For Women

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A wedding isn’t just about wearing the most expensive clothes and applying the perfect makeup to your face. Hairstyle is the missing piece of the puzzle that completes a stunning look. Ignoring the importance of creating a clean yet eye-catching hairstyle will only make you look off and dull. It can be difficult to think of the right hairstyle to match the outfit.

Since the outfit is making a comeback, here are some wedding hairstyles for women.



This is the simplest wedding hairstyle for creating an elegant, classy look and a voluminous effect on the hair. For this hairstyle, all you need is a large bumpit to create a puffy look and a few bobby clips. Take a section of your hair from the crown, let it fall in front, and then secure it with bobby pins. Take the bumpit and position it in the centre of your head. Pull the section hair back, securing it with bobby pins over the bumpit. Cover the bumpit as neatly as possible with your hair and let it fall back. Spray a little hair spray to hold the hairstyle in place and add fancy clutch clips to make it stand out.


Side Bun

Buns go hand in hand with braids in terms of popularity when it comes to styling your hair with a traditional outfit. You can experiment with the bun in a variety of ways. Make a centre parting and leave the front hair loose. Tie the hair in the middle into a messy side bun. To make your hair look neater, tuck the loose ends behind your ears with bobby pins. You can also make a soft bun after ironing your hair and let the crown locks fall low on the forehead, sideways, as shown below.


Mid Parted Open Hairstyle

Nothing looks better than a traditional outfit with natural hair waves. To achieve the look, part your hair in the middle and let it flow evenly on either side, or fall to one side for a more beautiful look. It is entirely up to you whether to iron your hair straight or curl it. The most common way to wear this hairstyle is with a small front parting, two small lifts on either side, and finally locking the ends with bobby pins at the back.

You can wear such hairstyles with sarees as well for a gorgeous look.


Half updo for Wavy Hair

As the bride, you have the right to look like the most beautiful lady on your wedding day. Backcomb your hair and then pull the crown section back. This will create a poof, which you can then secure with two or three bobby pins.


Braids with a Twist

Braids have traditionally been the most popular hairstyle for brides in most marriages. French braids or fishtail braids with flower trails or single flowers along their length may be preferred over traditional braiding techniques. French braids can also be worn in a different way by loosening the braid lines on the crown area with a hair comb to achieve a messy French braid look. This wedding hairstyle will look amazing.


Braided hair bun

A braid separates a short fringe and loose bangs from a raised poof at the back of the head. This allows you to show off your traditional look. Braided buns are a traditional yet unique hairstyle idea that features a half-braid across one side of the face that leads into a bun at the back or side of the head.


Middle Poof and Juda

This is a very formal and refined hairstyle. This hairstyle is one of the most traditional and elegant, and it is worn by the majority of women. It adds gravitas by increasing the height. It also gives the impression that these hairstyles haven’t changed since ancient times. You can choose a juda that is braided or tied with a banana hair clip. A more modern style with loose curls bunched together beyond the poof can also be used.


Side Braids

Side braids are one of the most fashionable wedding hairstyles. When it comes to styling the front of your hair, you have a lot of options. Pulling your hair to one side, whether in regular braids, twist braids, or french braids, creates an exquisite look. If you’re wearing a lehenga choli, you can definitely play around with the side braid theme to achieve looks ranging from playful to sophisticated. To match the outfit, use motives such as flowers and glittering clips.


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