5 Top Designs By Using Tempered Glass in Your Home

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Tempered glass is a tough glass that is physically as well as thermally 4 to 7 times more durable than ordinary glass, having the same shine and transparency like the other glass a tempered glass is very much in demand. A tempered glass is used with many different designs, cuts and shapes to bring out the grace where it is placed. A tempered glass with no doubt has many designs and is very versatile, but the 5 top designs by using tempered glass in your home will be as follows.


Separations Designs

            The most popular and common use of tempered glass is in making the glass separation walls. This provides an elegant view of the other side, in this we can choose from a number of designs like; the separation of kitchen and the backyard with a transparent tempered glass. The glass will allow most of the natural light to pass through giving a brighter view of the kitchen. The edges of the tempered glass can be of different designs, polished or non polished. You can either have a tempered glass be frameless or with a frame of any other material. A circular design of the tempered glass is also very much popular nowadays.


Tinted Tempered Glass Design

            A tempered glass can be further customized to be tinted in which it can have different shades of different color that will perfectly suit your room or place the tempered glass is to be installed. A tinted tempered glass design is very much in trend since with the property of the glass to illuminate and shine the environment the shading of any desired color will also help you give a more fun and vibrant look to your home. Tempered glass if designed in a more crystal like cut will bring out more visual appeal to the place. For this design the rainbow shaded doors are also very much in use at homes.


Frosted Design

            A frosted tempered glass design is also the best choice when using the tempered glass in the shower area or bath tub area. This tempered glass design will provide more privacy and at the same time will let enough light to pass through that will make this design a good to go with. Frosted glass can also be used in partition walls between the kitchen area and the guest room with a door between also frosted tempered glass. Because this gives more privacy but more shine to both the areas rather than using a hard rock solid wall. This design also gives out a more aesthetic look to your home.


Tempered Glass Table Top

            A tempered glass is most likely to not get any scratch for a very long period of time. The reason is that tempered glass is more toughened as compared to ordinary glass. The tempered glass can also endure most stress and pressure placed on it. On table tops where glass can get scratches very often a tempered glass used can be of great use. But along with that a tempered glass used as a table top has many designs. The tempered glass design can have a thin body so that it can give a more lavish look to the already existing table top of other materials like wood or marble. The tempered glass will not only give protection but the design gives a greater elegance to the home furniture. The tempered glass table top can be designed using different shapes, sizes or shades. Also the corners of the tempered glass can be shaped into different designs to match with the room they are to be placed in. The corners of a tempered glass can be designed from being kept pointy, dubbed or radius. This change in even the minor details will give your home a more designed look.


Ceiling and Floor Designs

            A more modern design for your home using a tempered glass is making a ceiling and floor design. This design includes putting the tempered glass as the titles that are to be placed in the ceiling and floor area. The tempered glass is cut in many appropriate designs and fixed on the ceiling of your home. This unique design is very much in use by many houses. The floor designed with tempered glass looks more neat and clean and gives out an illusion of illuminating the whole furniture placed in your home. Definitely you can try this design of the tempered glass if you want a more unique and high standard design for your home.



            The tempered glass has many designs in which it can be tempered. The top most used designs can include using the different separations designs ranging from the frosted, tinted or transparent tempered glass. This gives out a more shiny and neat look of your home rather than dull or dime. The table tops that use tempered glass also have many designs with different corners and shaped designs that are used in homes nowadays. But the most new and unique design of the tempered glass is the ceiling and floor using tempered glass as the tiles.

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